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Information for Yacht Sellers

It’s a tough market out there, but don’t fret, we are here to help. It is of no matter the reason behind your decision to sell; what is important is that you have the right team working for you. Custom Yacht Sales is THAT TEAM. We employ a dedicated marketing group that targets the right buyer for your boat in a timely manner. Times are changing and now, more than ever, buyers are on the internet searching for their dream yacht. We use proprietary, state of the art, search engine optimization (no, we cannot hand out specifics as our software is custom built) to get maximum exposure for your yacht. Remember, for every sale you only need one buyer. That qualified buyer is out there somewhere and we are your best bet to connect with them.

We are the smart choice for sellers because:

  • We get results fast
  • We have pre-qualified buyers within our network
  • We have the best web presence and media presence
  • We get more web traffic than any brokerage in BC

“Yacht Brokers work like real estate agents. They are agents whom people consult to find and purchase a boat, and whom people hire to list, represent, and sell boats for them. Traditionally, the seller pays the commissions that a yacht broker earns – not the buyer, yet brokers have a duty to both buyer and seller in every transaction.”

British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association

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